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Workshop: Communication with Media

Successfully dealing with the media requires planning, strategy and experience. Whether you are preparing for interviews with newspapers, magazines, radio or TV, our goal is simple: to make you confident, comfortable and relaxed in any interview situation and give you the ability to control not only your message but also your exact quotes used by the media.

The intended audience for this Media Training course includes business executives, entrepreneurs, spokespersons, communications professionals and those who want to be in control in every media situation.

  • Media Basics: overview of the press and how news is made

  • Preparing an interview: how to get my message across?

  • Body language techniques

  • Learn what media reporters are really looking for

  • Bring focus to your messages

  • Be a master at answering difficult questions

  • Maintain control over the interview


Participants engage in videotaped interviews followed by constructive feedback.


Whether you are looking for a morning’s TV training for one person or a full day Press, TV and Radio course for ten or more people, we will design a media training programme that precisely meets your organisation’s requirements.

Before the training, through research and consultation with you, we make sure that we have a thorough understanding of the messages that your organisation needs to get across.

On the training day, with the emphasis firmly on practice and detailed feedback, each participant is put through a series of true-to-life interviews, building their confidence and preparing them for the real thing.

After the course, each participant is given a copy of their interviews with detailed feedback.


This training will enable you to use proper interviewing techniques, formulate your message in a clear way and build a win-win relationship with the media.

You will learn in this interactive workshop:

  • how you can effectively prepare for media interviews

  • how your body language can reinforce your message

  • managing stress and emotions during the interview

  • how to make a strong visual and verbal impression 

  • to sharpen your communication skills 

Croatia - Summer school workshop

Communication with media

No matter if you represent a company, non-governmental association or political party, communication with media is something that can make or break the image of your organisation. Enable the key persons to master the art and skills of communication with media - ensure the seat in this interactive summer school workshop !

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