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Learning Path



No matter if previously graduated from High school, College or University, natural leaders have the inner motivation for continuous learning and self improvement. In this section you can find information about the advantages that Excelliance Learning Path offers to the participants of Excelliance workshops and courses.

Excelliance Learning Path, Qualification Diploma Program and individual courses:

Excelliance Learning Path is consisted of different workshops/courses that can be studied individually.

In that way Excelliance Learning Path is designed as continuous cycles of learning workshops, trainings and courses that bring unique blend of activities for strenghthening character virtues while improving crucial management and leadership skills. 

Thus a participant can decide to enroll in specific individual course(s) in which she/he is interested.

However, with participation in even only one individual Excelliance workshop or course, participant is automatically enrolled into a cycle that can lead to qualification via Excelliance Academy flagship educational program: Qualification Diploma in Achieving Excellence in Performance. 

Participant can decide whether to complete ECVET exam at the end of each course. In case of succesfull exam completion, participants is awarded with certificate supplement and designated ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) credits.

Progression routes with ECVET credits earned in individual Excelliance courses:


ECVET credits earned and accumulated in Excelliance courses can be used:

In that way participants can document their investment in education and use it, where applicable, in advancement toward other formal degrees/qualifications within other educational institutions.  

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