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About Excelliance

Excelliance (Alliance for Excellence) is a network of professionals, business companies, governmental agencies, associations and non-governmental organisations that embed excellence into their operating credo.

Sustainable excellent results require the transformation of a mindset/culture to one where each individual (or each member of an organization) is engaged every day in making small, and from time-to-time large, changes and improvements of personal character, acquired virtues and professional knowledge. 

The Excelliance model stresses that working hard is important, but understanding the crucial role of character quality, embedded virtues and mastering skills for competent expression of the two, is essential for achieving long term success as a purposeful leader in purposeful organisation.

The Excelliance learning path provides a powerful framework that supports participants in transforming an organization’s and individual's capacity for achieving excellence in their endavours.

Please check the opportunities and resources available for support of achieving the excellence in your organisation and in own quest for excellence: Welcome to Excelliance - Alliance for Excellence:

Excelliance Leadership Academy 
Exceliance Business School of Organizational development
Possibility of achieving accredited qualification through the Excelliance Learning Path
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