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Excelliance Diploma and Qualification  

Achieving Excellence in Performance

With participation in even only one individual Excelliance workshop or course, participant is automatically enrolled into "Excelliance Learning Path" that can lead to Excelliance Diploma (or Excelliance Master Diploma) and accredited qualification.

Participant of each individual Excelliance course or workshop can choose whether to complete an individual course with or without exam. If the exam is succesfully completed, participant will be issued not only the Certificate of Course Completion but also the Europass document with details of learning goal, achieved learning outcomes, study hours invested and ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) credits accumulated during this particular course.

In this way participant participant can accumulate the ECVET credits earned in Excelliance workshops, trainings and courses and in one point of time decide to use this accumulated credits for acquiring accredited qualification diploma within Excelliance network (or in some other educational institution that accepts transfer of ECVET credits in life-long-learning frame).

Thus, after participating in different Excelliance courses and accumulating a portion of ECVET credits, a participant can decide to fulfill the preconditions for awarding the Qualification.

In that way participant uses opportunity and possibility to formalize all the knowledge gained during workshops, trainings and courses into recognized and acredited qualification, together with Excelliance Diploma, without time pressure of strict educational program frame.  

Details of Excelliance Diploma, accreditation of available qualification levels are available here

Graduation Ceremony
Qualification Diploma - Progression routes and preconditions
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